Oh no exams!!

Hey hi hello,
I am back with my first actual blog post ekkkk! I’ve got one that will probably fit a looot of people. EXAM HELP! They are certainly fast approaching, loads of you lovelies might have already had some! Now, I am certainly no “expert”, but I regard myself a “survivor”, if you will, of a couple of years of exams. I am currently in the process of taking A-Level exams, which I am not going to lie aren’t a walk in the park! I would award myself an A* in procrastination but apparently that’s not a thing, hence I am attempting to power through. ‘So what do I do to get through the tough time’ I hear you ask.

Split it up: I am no organised so and so AND I certainly don’t tend to plan my revision. For some it’s what works but I find it stressesssss me out no end! Therefore, I tend to go with the flow. I can hear my teachers crying right now saying ‘plan plan plan!’ What I mean by going with the flow is doing as much as I can. I tend to get out my books and all that stuff and sometimes pop in some music, if I’m in the mood and I just work for about 30 minutes until I get tired. Sometimes, I am not going to lie to you, I last for 10 minutes. That’s okay though!! Chill!! If it is, I’ll go and get a drink to stretch off or maybe reintroduced myself to civilisation (aka. My family) for a couple of minutes just to blow of some steam and then I’ll get right back to it. For me doing short burst works wonders and it means I don’t feel like I’m drowning in words. Sitting there for a solid 2 hours trying to do work will nottt work in the slightest and I learn more and am able to go on longer for those short bursts than that long hard hours malarkey.

Yoga: As per, I live for the Savasana. That is the bit at the end of yoga were you get to lie there in complete silence and just chill. But yoga as a whole will do everyone some good! It’s super relaxing and will allow you to calm your mind. Let’s face it revision and exams and stress do like to linger with us. The moves allow you to stretch and relax your muscles and remove all that horrible tension in our bodies. It works a charm!! You can do it anywhere: your local gym; your own home; your garden. It can be done anywhere and everywhere and there is no need to pay a fortune to go to a club if that’s not your thing. YouTube has stacks of videos of yoga moves and you can also go down to your local supermarket and grab a DVD of it.

Massage: Possibly one of the more expensive options but a good one at that. I am going to admit to you that I am a bit of a sucker for a massage. They are soo relaxing and banish all my worries for that moment in time. It is like paradise, exactly how I imagine feeling if I went to the Maldives. If only!! It’s definitely one you’ll enjoy.

Friends: Last but not least taking time out to see friends. This is very important! Make sure you don’t shut yourself off to the world, because trust me exams aren’t the be all and end all, they are kinda important in some respects though!! Pop round to a friends house, go for a walk or go and grab a drink, simple as that. The cheapest option in some cases but the best! Friends will help you to relax, enjoy yourself and take your mind of the daunting exams. Remember, you’ll be helping them too. Why not after a morning of revision treating yourself to a couple of hours to go for lunch with your gals or guys? It’ll prepare you for some top revision when you get back. Don’t burn yourself out.

Good luck angels

Amelia-Jane ❤


Oh hello there!

Hey hey hey,
Amelia-Jane here! Welcome.

I’m certainly not a guru in much, actually anything!! But I’ve been alive 18 years now so I guess I have learnt a thing or two. I plan to document my thoughts and ideas and all that kinda thing on here; from beauty to lifestyle, you know the drill. Bit about me to get us started I think: 18 years and 6 months old, from not so sunny England, up until recently I was a college student but summer is in sight (after the tiresome exams) and it is safe to say I am suitably excited. Then of course I plan to zoom of to university in September; a little daunting but that’s life eyy!! Confession: I’m a bit of a shopaholic! My bank account doesn’t like it but it’s like I can’t stop. You know what it’s like?!

Not that interesting I know, I’m really just your average gal, but that’s okay. I hope!

Love love
Amelia-Jane ❤