Help I have spots!!

Hello lovelies, I’m back back back again!! I think it’s time for a little beauty chat. Sooo although I have never suffered with extremely bad acne, my skin has never been spotless. From about the age of 11 my skin has never been super clear and that for anyone can be the cause of lack of confidence and often the start of make up. I’ve gone through many years with my skin being one of the many things that makes me anxious to be myself. Like I have said before I’m definitely not a skin “expert” or beauty “guru” but I’ve been gal with lots of persistent skin problems. Personally, I find that my complexion is very red, oily and spotty and for me this has been quite the task to get rid of and cover it up. I speak from experience that although you may have many a friend that has flawless skin most go through having spots. We can get spots for tonnes of reason a few being: stress; hormones; growing up. It’s taken me a lonnnnggg time to try and perfect a routine that works for me and when I say that I have tried lots of different products, I mean A LOT! From the doctor to the drug store nothing made a change. 

Butttt behold!! After talking to someone I found three amazing products that do the world of wonders. My skin isn’t perfect, far from it but I am pleased with how far I’ve come. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what it used to be like, however it might have given you the biggest fright of your life. Haha. Trust me I’m not joking! Right right right I’ll let you know!! 
One: First and foremost I use the Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make-up remover. This miracle remover is amazing and is even perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s got no perfume or alcohol in it, meaning we can say bye to skin irritation on their part. 
Two: Up next, my all time favourite the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. This amazing product is AMAZING!! No word of a lie! It’s sooo light yet cleans the skin realllly well. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone. The smell is gorgeous and I’d seriously want to smell like that any day. It really calms my skin with the mint and lavender extracts. Seriously you need it in your life. 
Three: Finally a major misconception with skin. People with oily skin, me being one of them, tend to believe that using moisturiser is for those with dry skin. Now I went 17 years thinking the exact same, yettt it turns out that if people with oily skin don’t use a moisturiser the oil glands feel the need to work extra hard, hence producing extra oil. So if we correctly condition our skin the oil glands don’t feel the need to do this. I use the Espa 24-Hour Balancing Moisture (whoop whoop big shout for Espa. Adore their products big time). It is a lovely light moisturiser and works very well to balance facial oils. You need, you need, you neeeeedd!! 
So not the most complicated of routines but for me it’s perfect. Honestly I would recommend these products to anyone and as far as I know they will work for a lot of people. 
Let’s feel confident 
Much love 
Amelia-Jane ❤


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