Easiest Hello And Hardest Goodbye

Hello my best friends,

This one could be considered super cheesy, and do you know what it will be, I can guarantee it! But as times are about to change and you guys, my best friends, are moving on to great things I thought I needed to shout it out how amazing I think you all are! Already getting super cheesy, please excuse me! You are probably all super excited and at the same time incredibly scared but I know you are all going to be amazing, I would bet on! Whatever you are going to do I know and trust that you will shine, you are all stars, and do not let a single small-minded person let you believe anything different. Do not be discouraged by those who want to lead you away from what matters most to you, make your family and your friends proud but most importantly make yourself proud. Pat yourself on the back every time you do something amazing no matter how big or small, every breathe is a miracle, ever step on the road to the future is a winner. Is it possible this could get any cheesier? I have known some of you for eighteen years and I have known some of you for much less but all of you equally are important. When you go away do not let a single inch of doubt hold you back, easier said than done and I definitely need to practice this myself, but be a diamond amongst rocks. Beauty lies in your smile and your willingness to help others and be success! 

I will love you and I will miss you, but do not let home keep you from achieving your potential, you are going to fly! But remember that whatever happens the people back at home are here for you! It almost killed me when one of my friends told me that she was worried that we would forget her and move on in life without her, but my response is simple; I could never, no matter how far you all are you will always be here with us. 

Be the person you want to be, not who others tell you to be. Be a model to others and do not let their envy get in the way!

I will, without a doubt, shed many a tear over the next few weeks but not only is it a tear that I’m going to miss you, it is actually a tear of how proud I am of you! 

Be the best version of yourself! 

And one last extremely cheesy finish (I am sorry),

You are my easiest hello and definitely my hardest goodbye

Lots of love
Amelia-Jane ❤ 

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