More Than Just Spots

Hello my lovely lot,

Yeh I hear you, a spot is a spot right?! Wrong! I have gone through a large proportion of my life experiencing different severities of acne, some much worse than others. Right now is one of those times. I know I have never had it as bad as some people, I am quite aware of that, but nevertheless is has been a horrible experience and often quite painful. Further to the pain, the actual amount of self-esteem lost could fill buckets, no word of a lie! Going out with no make up on is one big NO! I feel, as I am sure many others do, like I have to hide behind a thick layer of foundation just to feel good, or slightly better. I hate it, I would love nothing more to be able to walk out the house bare faced with not a care in the world, or about my skin at least. Now I know people are going to say well you can even with acne, but it is not that simple. It makes people feel so self conscious, it can often be quite embarrassing, it is definitely something I want to hide! It is more than just a bunch of spots it is everything that comes with it. It is not that we do not clean our faces, I wash mine twice a day, moisture, all that and none of it works. Applying make up is an absolute nightmare and it never blends well because of all the spots… I could go on for days! It is a horrible subject I know, and I am certainly not doing it for any sympathy but I am just trying to express how difficult I can be for people who suffer! The dream to have clear skin is high up on my list and I know that my confidence, and I am sure I can speak for others, will be much better. 

I just thought I would pluck up the courage to show you what it can be like, I know it is not terrible but it knocks my confidence a lot. 

I hope I can update you in the next couple of months on any progression, but for right now all I want to say to those who suffer with acne, you are beautiful and there are ways to deal with it! 

Much love 

Amelia-Jane 💗


You Are Never Going To Be Them

Now that title sounds a bit negative but quite on the contrary! Media and such like constantly falsely portray figures, they often make them seem perfect and from a young age we aspire to be them. Or closer to home, we often look at others, often knowing very little about them, and assume their life is beyond compare. Now I am no researcher or psychologist however I can comfortably say nine times out of ten their life has just as many ups and downs. We often hide from others our true issues with only a select few knowing our foibles and from the outside looking in it looks like we have our lives together. Lesson one is right there, it shows that judging others is a bigggg no no. We have not the slightest clue what others are going through! Give people the kindness you would wish to receive, it is easier and more fulfilling to be nice to people than rude! 

Back to the subject in matter, the more you know me the more you know I can go off topic at a great tangent… The point is, although it is okay to look at other people, whether that be a celebrity or someone else, and think that they are cool or inspirational it is important to not get hung up on the fact that they are perfect. No one is perfect and we all have our imperfections. Looking for the good in people is fine but as soon as it starts becoming detrimental to the way we feel about ourselves and the moment we start comparing our lives to others we have to take a massive step back and look at the pain that we are causing ourselves. Not one person is the same and although it may appear no one is perfect. Often the people we think are perfect are going through something that is extremely difficult or may hate something about themselves. I am a massive culprit of looking at other people and thinking they are perfect, thinking their life is better than mine, thinking they have got their life figured out and thinking they are prettier but when you actually find out more about them they often hate themselves as much as everyone hates themselves and have millions of issues. 
We are never going to be happy if we constantly compare ourselves to others and I know I have a long way to go before I will be able to stop doing this myself, it is human, it is instinct, it is what we do to ourselves but it is vital that we as individuals can be glad to be ourselves in order to achieve happiness and love for who we are. No matter what kind things people say to us we can not look past others and not compare. My friend the other day complimented my hair and although I was so amazingly grateful for what she said I still looked at her and thought how much nicer she looked than I did, it is almost subconscious, I can not help it! But we all must learn, the people we think are perfect dislike themselves and look at someone else and think they are perfect and so on; a vicious circle. Remember you are you and that is an amazing beautiful thing! 

Lots of love 


Sorry I Am Not Ideal: Body Shaming

I am fat, I am overweight! Oh sorry, hey there, that is just me body shaming myself and I would be lying to you if I said I did not do that to myself on a daily basis. I am not saying this to have people tell me that I should not think that or I am not, BUT I am telling you because I know I am certainly not the only one who does this. When your friend, who you think is perfect “please can I have her body instead of mine”, says to you “OMG I am so fat!” you immediately think how can she think this and people do not do this to get attention but the sad reality when you actually think about it is people actually think that about themselves. But not only is it people thinking they are fat it is also people thinking they are too thin, people thinking they are too tall or too small, too this, too that. Easy to say and I definitely need to take my own advice being a massive culprit of finding my imperfections, but darling no one is perfect yet you are beautiful. Think of it this way, in the future, or now you have a child, a beautiful girl or a handsome boy and they truly hate their body, how would that make you feel as a parent? Saddened. Gutted. Heart-Broken. That is because you love your child more than anything in the world, right? But people love you now and people care for you and people think you are amazing, and every time you say aloud or think that you hate yourself because your body does not conform it kills them like it would you with your child now or in the future. If you would not want your child to think that, you should not think that about yourself because you are someone’s child, someone’s friend, someone’s love. 

This seriously sounds like I have it all together, that I love every inch of my body. Wrong! Like everyone else I go through the constant battle of hating my body and how I look            e v e r y s i n g l e d a y , but we all must remember that we are who we are, and whether we believe that God made us or whatever we have to be who we are, because honestly we magnify everything to make ourselves feel 100% worse. When we think someone else is more perfect, she/he is probably looking at someone else thinking someone else is more perfect. It is immensely sad to think that in society today people are hating themselves because of their bodies, like seriously it is soooo sad, are we really still stuck on looks, everyone is beautiful it just takes the right person to see it, and do you know what I see it in you. And my friend, we are more than looks, we are intelligent, we are inner beauty.    
I know I am going to continue for a long time questioning the way I look, because this is what society and the media have done, but there is no “perfect” person. But every day try to find the good in yourself. You are more than just the way you look, you are a complicated array of beautifulness with a mind of wonder, you are you! I hope you realise you are not the only one who feels like this, I do too and I always feel like people are judging me, and I am the ugly friend, and lads are not going to like me because of my size and the way I look but I am me and do you know what that should be good enough for me and one day it will be! 
You are beautiful 
Much love