More Than Just Spots

Hello my lovely lot,

Yeh I hear you, a spot is a spot right?! Wrong! I have gone through a large proportion of my life experiencing different severities of acne, some much worse than others. Right now is one of those times. I know I have never had it as bad as some people, I am quite aware of that, but nevertheless is has been a horrible experience and often quite painful. Further to the pain, the actual amount of self-esteem lost could fill buckets, no word of a lie! Going out with no make up on is one big NO! I feel, as I am sure many others do, like I have to hide behind a thick layer of foundation just to feel good, or slightly better. I hate it, I would love nothing more to be able to walk out the house bare faced with not a care in the world, or about my skin at least. Now I know people are going to say well you can even with acne, but it is not that simple. It makes people feel so self conscious, it can often be quite embarrassing, it is definitely something I want to hide! It is more than just a bunch of spots it is everything that comes with it. It is not that we do not clean our faces, I wash mine twice a day, moisture, all that and none of it works. Applying make up is an absolute nightmare and it never blends well because of all the spots… I could go on for days! It is a horrible subject I know, and I am certainly not doing it for any sympathy but I am just trying to express how difficult I can be for people who suffer! The dream to have clear skin is high up on my list and I know that my confidence, and I am sure I can speak for others, will be much better. 

I just thought I would pluck up the courage to show you what it can be like, I know it is not terrible but it knocks my confidence a lot. 

I hope I can update you in the next couple of months on any progression, but for right now all I want to say to those who suffer with acne, you are beautiful and there are ways to deal with it! 

Much love 

Amelia-Jane 💗


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