That Cheesy Rollercoaster Saying 

Hmmm… it’s be a while, right?! It has. I have been super busy, the only time I have stopped is to sleep and then morning comes around again and another filled day is upon me! Probably the same for you, I would assume. 

So that saying, ‘Life is like a rollercoaster. It has its ups and downs. But it’s your choice to scream or enjoy the ride’, can often seem quite light hearted, a bit nonchalant shall we say. But… after hearing this saying ample times, and yes after reading it in my advent calendar this morning, I was awe struck by its meaning. To be honest with you I had never really thought about it until now, to me it was just another one of those cheesy tumblr sayings; in some ways it still is but there is far more behind it. 
To start with ‘Life is like a rollercoaster’, a very average sentence but it’s meaning is crucial. The noun rollercoaster is your typical fair ground attraction but the modifier noun defines it as ‘Something categorised by wild and unpredictable changes’. Life brings many wild and unpredictable changes and it can be often very difficult to keep track; greatly overwhelming in fact! I would need at least 10 hands to count how many times a new change impacted my life, from university to friendships to my daily routine, all these things throw a new spanner in the works. But the question is ‘how do you go about dealing with these changes?’ Do you let it beat you or do you conquer all fear that comes with it…
That leads us swiftly on to the next sentence in this saying, ‘It has it’s ups and downs’. I do not think anything has been more true. Life will have its ups and downs, highs and lows but through both those moments, when you are on top of the world or down in the darkest cave, believe that no matter what you are strong enough to get through. In that deep, dark cave, whether that is stress, anxiety, depression, heart-break, whatever it is, it may seem at that tipping point just when you think that you can not cope anymore,that you just can not do it. We all have those moments, hence the quote being so relevant, however you are not alone. But let me tell you, from personal experience, you can definitely do it, you can get through, do not give up! There is always someone cheering for you at the side lines; your friends and family. Whether your faith lies in yourself, God, that lucky pair of socks, whatever, you have to believe that you will find strength, potency and backbone in that thing. If those lows get on top of you, step back, look at the bigger picture, zoom out, look at everything else in your life, past and present… you see it is not so bad. When we are in those lows we tend to immediately focus in on that small thing and let it take over. It is insanely simple to do this, we all do, it is human nature. But think to yourself, what else do I have in my life, what is good, what you take for granted others envy, you are richer than you know. Will what is taking over your life, causing fear and worry, matter in 5 years, 10 years, 70 years?! I think I can safely say ‘no’ it probably will not. And while I am making this sound easy, I understand it is not, it is tough. But while you feel like the world is on your shoulders you are actually insanely blessed. And when a rollercoaster goes down it has to come up again, and I tell you now, it will! 
‘But it is your choice to scream or enjoy the ride’… now, most definitely, if I was on an actual rollercoaster right now I would be screaming… BUT in life when things turn disastrous do you try and get through it or do you turn to panic and anxiety. At first most of us, I am a big culprit, probably go for scream but on the way you know that you are safe, you have your seat belt on, and whether you believe that that is God or not it is important to remember that nothing is ever too broken or too bad. Like a child we often know very little, in fact often nothing, but we can learn to grow and we can strive for better. You only get to enjoy one life, and while things seem so important you have to remember that things often are not as in important as you think. Do what you love and get rid of what you do not. If it does not make you happy then find something else, because in this all we need to remember how important it is to ‘enjoy the ride’. 
Lots of love 


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