Cat-Walk Your Positivity


Back again, it has been a while. Many apologies. Positivity. A word that is often easier to say than it is actually to be. Important? Well YES! Life can often be that draining that we throw positivity out the window, it is easy to do and I certainly do such a thing, often subconsciously. We often think just getting through life without positivity is fine, well yes and no. Yes because you conquered another day, legend, but no because what is life without being positive. I, personally, try to be positive most of the time and I like to think that comes through but let us be honest that does not always happen. It became clear of recent (thanks to a lovely friend) that I am not always positive with myself. I concentrate so much on being positive towards others and trying to get through life simultaneously, that I forget, well in a way, the most important thing… being self positive, if you will. The thought caught me off guard, like I seem like a positive person and I am, but I was missing myself out of this equation. I guess I never realised that I lacked in self belief, it kind of becomes a part of you. I did not do it intentionally by any stretch, I wish I knew why I did it. Surely the best way to get through life is to be positive, right?! Course it is… You will make it through life in a much smoother fashion. Darling, positivity is stylish… You see that new Chanel handbag? That new pair of football boots? Positivity, well, it is more stylish than them, trust me. You know when your head turns when you see that dude sporting those new Yeezys, yeye well heads turn when you sport that self-belief and positivity!

Personally, I have a very long way to go, longer than the 10k I am running next month, potentially longer than it would take to get to the moon and right back again, but each step counts in improving the way you view yourself, and that is positively. I guess I do not really have any tips on this subject because it is something I fall short on myself but what I will say is believe you can do it, believe people when they say you are amazing; they are not telling you that for the good of themselves, and finally believe that with a little faith and a tonne of self-belief you can conquer whatever is thrown at you- You have your racquet ready to whack it at full throttle back at the face of it. Life is more than just about “living” it is about cat-walking with sass and gratitude through the life you have been so beautifully given.

Tell yourself this (Please excuse me while I tell myself the same):

Dear me,

You can do anything.

You are an athlete; you can jump any life hurdle.

You are a model; you can walk with self-believing sass.

You are stylish; you can exhibit positivity.

Much love, Me xoxo

Lots of Love

Amelia-Jane ❤


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