When You Feel Like Quitting Think About Why You Started


It has been a while… now you either clicked onto this because you feel like quitting or because you have read my blog before, but either way the vast majority of us probably often feel like quitting. Times get tough, and life can be pretty much awful at times. Sometimes it often feels like you will not escape. Recently, I have felt like quitting a few different things that make my life unhappy and while that sometimes is the only way to make you happy often it is not. A rough chapter does not mean a rough life. Coming through the hard times make us proud, stronger and all round better people. 

Currently, you may be in a job you hate, the people around you make you unhappy, education may make almost every millisecond of your life an utter misery (me!) or you may have no idea whatsoever is making you feel down. In these times it is often extremely difficult to look past why on earth you thought it would be a good idea to go down this path. What if I had done this? What if I had done that? Would I be happy? The short answer: probably no. And the long answer: probably nooooooo. All paths in life will take us through a nice tarmacked bit and also a rough, pothole, broken bit… Each path will take its toll; happiness, anxiety, depression, excitement, fear, you name it. But when there does not seem to be even one little tiny spark of joy left, remember initially why you started on that journey in your life. For me, I currently very much have the constant struggle of motivation to go to uni. In all honesty I pretty much do not like it. The uni is lovely, the people there are awesome but my happiness… usually no where to be seen. And while often I feel like I can not do it anymore I ask myself “okay Amelia, why did you start?” My answer: Because I want to be an influencer in little lives, I want to make a positive impact. And okay life is pretty much me crawling through a storm at this current moment but when the sun rises in a couple of years I will be glad I did not quit. Quitting prevents you from succeeding. 

So ask yourself before you give up… “Why did you start?” And remember that no storm lasts forever. One day the sun will rise and you will be glad that you did not quit and just give up. It takes a strong person to say “today might not be my day, but tomorrow will be”. 

Much love

Amelia-Jane ❤

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