Stop Being Afraid Of What Could Go Wrong And Think What Could Go Right

Admit it, we are all afraid of failure and we are all scared of things that could go wrong. We want to sweep through life without any difficulties but reality is that is not going to happen. So this past week I have been trying to write an important assignment which really has tested my knowledge and it definitely has tested my patience. With a very tight schedule and the submission date looming I was definitely telling myself I could not do it, I would never get it done, the list goes on… At no point was the list positive, all I could think about was everything that could go wrong. But I finished it! I know that I am not alone. We all seem to think negatively about what could happen; what if this? what if that?… what if, what if, what if. If we live life by always thinking what if then trust me, you will not get anywhere. Ask yourself what the worst is that can happen and I can promise you that the vast majority of the time your answer will make you realise that it will all be okay.

Before you think what can go wrong think about what could right. You are not a failure and it will be amazing. You are the one who has to make it amazing, wake up and believe that it will be okay. Be optimistic, be the sun in the storm…  Be proud of yourself and know that in the end it will all be beautiful.

It is not going to be easy to choose to look for the things that may be good about your situation, sometimes our vision is blurred but you have to do it… You can do it…

Much love

Amelia-Jane ❤


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