No Words

I am in utter shock, I am devastated. Honestly I am struggling to put it into words. Despite this world being so beautiful it is also so broken. These terrorist attacks cause so much pain, they break lives, but we will not be defeated. As a world, as people, we stand together in times like these. Terrorists may come strong but we come out stronger. We glue pieces back together, we mourn, we help, we survive, we care. Unlike the terrorists, who supposedly believe what they do is “right”, just to clarify it is a load of rubbish, no one, no religion EVER tells you to kill others. These people need to take a long hard look at themselves and actually realise the stupid thing they are doing. A young child would understand that hurting people is wrong, so why can not you. Have these people actually lost their minds. It makes me so angry, like so much, I can not even put it into words. These people need to grow up and realise that no matter what they do, this world will stand against them. I tell you we are strong, stronger than ever. What I will say to you is even though it is hard, I get that, do not let these terrorist stop you from living your life. Live life to the full, enjoy ever single moment. These people are nothing but cowards, I actually feel sorry for them that they have been brainwashed into thinking like this and I pray they may be saved. We are world renowned for strength and determination. Do not let them win. They will not win. Stand together and we will overcome. With God anything is possible, He is strong, He is the strongest. Bless this world, may be remember to see the beauty! 


Let Your Smile Change The World, But Do Not Let The World Change Your Smile

I constantly find myself complaining about things that make me sad, or anxious or whatever and I look past all the good stuff. I forget to remember the things that actually are good, and that is not a good thing (I am aware I used ‘good’ far too much in that sentence). I know that I am not on my own and I can pretty much guarantee that every person at some point or another has thought the same thing. The conversation I have with myself, yes everyone talks to themselves, always goes the same way and I always come out of the complaining conversation thinking to myself, ‘Why once again, am I letting the chaos of this world, change me?’. No matter how much bad and tough stuff is going on in your life; exams, relationships, loss, you name it, nothing is worth your sadness. In the end life is a beautiful mess and things will go wrong and fall apart but also things will go right and fall together. It will not stay bad for long, there is always the opposite… something bad happens and something good will come from it. Although it is tough, you have to try your best to not let the world make you upset.

Smile in the face of the bad and remember that it will get better. Be the reason someone else smiles. Your happiness might make someone else’s day, your smile is contagious. It is better to be the person who smiled at someone and did not get a smile back, than to be the person that did not smile at all. You can make a change through positivity… the most powerful change yet.

‘Let your smile change the world, but do not let the world change your smile’

Lots of love

Amelia-Jane ❤