Sorry I Am Not Ideal: Body Shaming

I am fat, I am overweight! Oh sorry, hey there, that is just me body shaming myself and I would be lying to you if I said I did not do that to myself on a daily basis. I am not saying this to have people tell me that I should not think that or I am not, BUT I am telling you because I know I am certainly not the only one who does this. When your friend, who you think is perfect “please can I have her body instead of mine”, says to you “OMG I am so fat!” you immediately think how can she think this and people do not do this to get attention but the sad reality when you actually think about it is people actually think that about themselves. But not only is it people thinking they are fat it is also people thinking they are too thin, people thinking they are too tall or too small, too this, too that. Easy to say and I definitely need to take my own advice being a massive culprit of finding my imperfections, but darling no one is perfect yet you are beautiful. Think of it this way, in the future, or now you have a child, a beautiful girl or a handsome boy and they truly hate their body, how would that make you feel as a parent? Saddened. Gutted. Heart-Broken. That is because you love your child more than anything in the world, right? But people love you now and people care for you and people think you are amazing, and every time you say aloud or think that you hate yourself because your body does not conform it kills them like it would you with your child now or in the future. If you would not want your child to think that, you should not think that about yourself because you are someone’s child, someone’s friend, someone’s love. 

This seriously sounds like I have it all together, that I love every inch of my body. Wrong! Like everyone else I go through the constant battle of hating my body and how I look            e v e r y s i n g l e d a y , but we all must remember that we are who we are, and whether we believe that God made us or whatever we have to be who we are, because honestly we magnify everything to make ourselves feel 100% worse. When we think someone else is more perfect, she/he is probably looking at someone else thinking someone else is more perfect. It is immensely sad to think that in society today people are hating themselves because of their bodies, like seriously it is soooo sad, are we really still stuck on looks, everyone is beautiful it just takes the right person to see it, and do you know what I see it in you. And my friend, we are more than looks, we are intelligent, we are inner beauty.    
I know I am going to continue for a long time questioning the way I look, because this is what society and the media have done, but there is no “perfect” person. But every day try to find the good in yourself. You are more than just the way you look, you are a complicated array of beautifulness with a mind of wonder, you are you! I hope you realise you are not the only one who feels like this, I do too and I always feel like people are judging me, and I am the ugly friend, and lads are not going to like me because of my size and the way I look but I am me and do you know what that should be good enough for me and one day it will be! 
You are beautiful 
Much love 


Easiest Hello And Hardest Goodbye

Hello my best friends,

This one could be considered super cheesy, and do you know what it will be, I can guarantee it! But as times are about to change and you guys, my best friends, are moving on to great things I thought I needed to shout it out how amazing I think you all are! Already getting super cheesy, please excuse me! You are probably all super excited and at the same time incredibly scared but I know you are all going to be amazing, I would bet on! Whatever you are going to do I know and trust that you will shine, you are all stars, and do not let a single small-minded person let you believe anything different. Do not be discouraged by those who want to lead you away from what matters most to you, make your family and your friends proud but most importantly make yourself proud. Pat yourself on the back every time you do something amazing no matter how big or small, every breathe is a miracle, ever step on the road to the future is a winner. Is it possible this could get any cheesier? I have known some of you for eighteen years and I have known some of you for much less but all of you equally are important. When you go away do not let a single inch of doubt hold you back, easier said than done and I definitely need to practice this myself, but be a diamond amongst rocks. Beauty lies in your smile and your willingness to help others and be success! 

I will love you and I will miss you, but do not let home keep you from achieving your potential, you are going to fly! But remember that whatever happens the people back at home are here for you! It almost killed me when one of my friends told me that she was worried that we would forget her and move on in life without her, but my response is simple; I could never, no matter how far you all are you will always be here with us. 

Be the person you want to be, not who others tell you to be. Be a model to others and do not let their envy get in the way!

I will, without a doubt, shed many a tear over the next few weeks but not only is it a tear that I’m going to miss you, it is actually a tear of how proud I am of you! 

Be the best version of yourself! 

And one last extremely cheesy finish (I am sorry),

You are my easiest hello and definitely my hardest goodbye

Lots of love
Amelia-Jane ❤ 

It Is All A Little Much 

Hello long time no speak,
I’m currently writing this at 10.00pm lying in bed. Anxiety. Worry. Fear. Three words that haunt us all. Now, I wouldn’t consider myself to be totally and utterly depressed at all, not by a long stretch! I have many a good hour especially when I am up and about and busy with life, but when I have time to think, boom!, there is that horrible feeling deep inside me. It’s almost like, oh its hard to describe, a feeling of guilt, fear and panic all mixed in to one to create a massive messy concoction. I would not say it takes over my life but it has a firm grip on it, and no matter how many times I tell myself to stop being stupid or it will be okay never helps. Point one: fear and anxiety are never stupid, if it scares you then that is just your little foible and that is okay. But the main thing to remember is you got this! Easier said than done, but the fact that you have got this far in life means that every time this has happened you have got through it, and guess what, that scary voice inside you is going to be defeated once again by your very own self. 

Point two don’t hide it! That’s definitely something that I have done. It eats away at you, it is horrendous! But just by telling at least one person you trust makes all the difference, even if you do not want to talk to them about it just telling them takes a heavy weight off you. But talk to people, tell them how you feel, describe that deep fear, that pit of anxiety, that voice that tells you horrible things. Nothing about how you feel is wrong or crazy it is just you, but you do not have to have that fear! It is not easy, trust me, no matter how many times I tell people, tell myself that I’ll be okay and pray, I still get attacked by that monster but it is getting better. Take small steps, I do not mean literally walking obviously, trust that whatever happens you are breathing and people love you. Anxiety is not something that you can click your fingers and is gone in a mere instance, it takes time to get back to that self belief and trust. For me it feels like I am on a balance that could tip either way at any minute, ey forget that any second, like the flick of a switch but it is about finding the things that tip the balance to the good. Do not feed the monster and let it weigh you down, starve him of your fear and it will soon die. Remove yourself from a situation that makes you feel anxious, not in defeat but in the knowledge that you will not be scared and come back to it when you are ready to go full throttle into it with no fear! For example, yesterday I was sat on my own upstairs and it hit me as hard a gale force winds so I simply brought myself down to the kitchen were my family where and instantly I felt a bit better, it was still there but not half as much: me-1, anxiety monster-nil! It is about the little victories! 

Now anxiety is often not something you can always see in people, I bet you most people I meet would not have a clue that I had millions of fears inside me! I like to think I come across as a carefree person that loves every second of life! And to be honest that is me, but there is often something more beneath the surface of us all! Remember everyone you meet is fighting their own battle. Basically what I am trying to rely to you is don’t judge people by how they appear, be sensitive to people, care for them even if you don’t have a single clue what they are going through because I am very sure they will be eternally grateful for your kindness. 

My main piece of advice would be find the things that make you feel happy! I would say listening to Christmas music in September is okay if it makes you feel good! Another would be to sleep! Anxiety often hits the hardest when we are exhausted. Breathe, tell yourself it will all be okay, listen to every breath, you are alive, it is wonderful! Drink water, cleanse your body, be kind to it! But still eat what you enjoy, chocolate and cake that is okay! If you believe you can, guess what… You will! 

Kick that monster in the butt because you have got this! I am writing this to prove to myself that I can do this and also to you my darling! Start today, love yourself. Again, easier said than done, I am always comparing myself to others; oh she is thinner, she is more beautiful, boys will not like me because I have dark hairs on my arms and I do not have a toned body but you gotta be yourself! Eh why? BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING TO WIN AT LIFE AND I KNOW IT! It will not become easy in a second or a week or maybe even a year but keep trying because one day you will make it through the storm! 

Lots of love 

Help I have spots!!

Hello lovelies, I’m back back back again!! I think it’s time for a little beauty chat. Sooo although I have never suffered with extremely bad acne, my skin has never been spotless. From about the age of 11 my skin has never been super clear and that for anyone can be the cause of lack of confidence and often the start of make up. I’ve gone through many years with my skin being one of the many things that makes me anxious to be myself. Like I have said before I’m definitely not a skin “expert” or beauty “guru” but I’ve been gal with lots of persistent skin problems. Personally, I find that my complexion is very red, oily and spotty and for me this has been quite the task to get rid of and cover it up. I speak from experience that although you may have many a friend that has flawless skin most go through having spots. We can get spots for tonnes of reason a few being: stress; hormones; growing up. It’s taken me a lonnnnggg time to try and perfect a routine that works for me and when I say that I have tried lots of different products, I mean A LOT! From the doctor to the drug store nothing made a change. 

Butttt behold!! After talking to someone I found three amazing products that do the world of wonders. My skin isn’t perfect, far from it but I am pleased with how far I’ve come. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of what it used to be like, however it might have given you the biggest fright of your life. Haha. Trust me I’m not joking! Right right right I’ll let you know!! 
One: First and foremost I use the Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make-up remover. This miracle remover is amazing and is even perfect for my sensitive skin. It’s got no perfume or alcohol in it, meaning we can say bye to skin irritation on their part. 
Two: Up next, my all time favourite the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel. This amazing product is AMAZING!! No word of a lie! It’s sooo light yet cleans the skin realllly well. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone. The smell is gorgeous and I’d seriously want to smell like that any day. It really calms my skin with the mint and lavender extracts. Seriously you need it in your life. 
Three: Finally a major misconception with skin. People with oily skin, me being one of them, tend to believe that using moisturiser is for those with dry skin. Now I went 17 years thinking the exact same, yettt it turns out that if people with oily skin don’t use a moisturiser the oil glands feel the need to work extra hard, hence producing extra oil. So if we correctly condition our skin the oil glands don’t feel the need to do this. I use the Espa 24-Hour Balancing Moisture (whoop whoop big shout for Espa. Adore their products big time). It is a lovely light moisturiser and works very well to balance facial oils. You need, you need, you neeeeedd!! 
So not the most complicated of routines but for me it’s perfect. Honestly I would recommend these products to anyone and as far as I know they will work for a lot of people. 
Let’s feel confident 
Much love 
Amelia-Jane ❤

Oh no exams!!

Hey hi hello,
I am back with my first actual blog post ekkkk! I’ve got one that will probably fit a looot of people. EXAM HELP! They are certainly fast approaching, loads of you lovelies might have already had some! Now, I am certainly no “expert”, but I regard myself a “survivor”, if you will, of a couple of years of exams. I am currently in the process of taking A-Level exams, which I am not going to lie aren’t a walk in the park! I would award myself an A* in procrastination but apparently that’s not a thing, hence I am attempting to power through. ‘So what do I do to get through the tough time’ I hear you ask.

Split it up: I am no organised so and so AND I certainly don’t tend to plan my revision. For some it’s what works but I find it stressesssss me out no end! Therefore, I tend to go with the flow. I can hear my teachers crying right now saying ‘plan plan plan!’ What I mean by going with the flow is doing as much as I can. I tend to get out my books and all that stuff and sometimes pop in some music, if I’m in the mood and I just work for about 30 minutes until I get tired. Sometimes, I am not going to lie to you, I last for 10 minutes. That’s okay though!! Chill!! If it is, I’ll go and get a drink to stretch off or maybe reintroduced myself to civilisation (aka. My family) for a couple of minutes just to blow of some steam and then I’ll get right back to it. For me doing short burst works wonders and it means I don’t feel like I’m drowning in words. Sitting there for a solid 2 hours trying to do work will nottt work in the slightest and I learn more and am able to go on longer for those short bursts than that long hard hours malarkey.

Yoga: As per, I live for the Savasana. That is the bit at the end of yoga were you get to lie there in complete silence and just chill. But yoga as a whole will do everyone some good! It’s super relaxing and will allow you to calm your mind. Let’s face it revision and exams and stress do like to linger with us. The moves allow you to stretch and relax your muscles and remove all that horrible tension in our bodies. It works a charm!! You can do it anywhere: your local gym; your own home; your garden. It can be done anywhere and everywhere and there is no need to pay a fortune to go to a club if that’s not your thing. YouTube has stacks of videos of yoga moves and you can also go down to your local supermarket and grab a DVD of it.

Massage: Possibly one of the more expensive options but a good one at that. I am going to admit to you that I am a bit of a sucker for a massage. They are soo relaxing and banish all my worries for that moment in time. It is like paradise, exactly how I imagine feeling if I went to the Maldives. If only!! It’s definitely one you’ll enjoy.

Friends: Last but not least taking time out to see friends. This is very important! Make sure you don’t shut yourself off to the world, because trust me exams aren’t the be all and end all, they are kinda important in some respects though!! Pop round to a friends house, go for a walk or go and grab a drink, simple as that. The cheapest option in some cases but the best! Friends will help you to relax, enjoy yourself and take your mind of the daunting exams. Remember, you’ll be helping them too. Why not after a morning of revision treating yourself to a couple of hours to go for lunch with your gals or guys? It’ll prepare you for some top revision when you get back. Don’t burn yourself out.

Good luck angels

Amelia-Jane ❤

Oh hello there!

Hey hey hey,
Amelia-Jane here! Welcome.

I’m certainly not a guru in much, actually anything!! But I’ve been alive 18 years now so I guess I have learnt a thing or two. I plan to document my thoughts and ideas and all that kinda thing on here; from beauty to lifestyle, you know the drill. Bit about me to get us started I think: 18 years and 6 months old, from not so sunny England, up until recently I was a college student but summer is in sight (after the tiresome exams) and it is safe to say I am suitably excited. Then of course I plan to zoom of to university in September; a little daunting but that’s life eyy!! Confession: I’m a bit of a shopaholic! My bank account doesn’t like it but it’s like I can’t stop. You know what it’s like?!

Not that interesting I know, I’m really just your average gal, but that’s okay. I hope!

Love love
Amelia-Jane ❤